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Dear Future JV,

Our names are Pat Friedl (, LeadJacker, affiliate marketer) and Adil Amarsi (World Class Copywriter, Consultant, affiliate marketer). We've teamed up to bring you one of the best plugins that will truly help your customer and almost guarantee sales for you.

We initially did a test release between December 2013 and January 2014 to see if the marketplace was ready for our plugin.

Having just a few (5) affiliates and close friends mail for us to test the conversions, we were both shocked and excited by what we saw. Presell Crusher 1.0 was launched on the Warrior Forum for $37 - no dimesale, no upsell, nothing - just a $37 plugin.

Usually plugins at that price on the Warrior Forum these days doesn't get much traction, but ours did. We hit a solid 4.45% conversion rate, and a high of $2.10 on EPC's (they held steady at $1.45).

While that was impressive enough, the most shocking and pleasing fact of it all was this... We've only ever had ONE refund.

Now here's where you come in...

On August 13, 2014, we're relaunching properly with a host of new benefits, features, and abilities to make sure this plugin over delivers on value and keeps our refund rates practically non existent.

Not to mention our prize list...

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Launch Date: August 13, 2014 @ 11AM EST


We're not done yet. We're also offering Commission Upgrades. When you reach each sale milestone, we'll bump your commission up - permanently. So any sales you make past your milestone, you'll be making even more!


What Is Presell Crusher?

Presell Crusher is a WordPress plugin that does one thing very, very well, and that's to create high converting surveys to "presell" your prospects on your offer - whatever it may be.

By having your users answer a series of simple questions, they unconsciously get into "yes" mode by making "micro commitments" when they answer each question.

But it doesn't stop there. With a few clicks, you can redirect your users based on their answers or silently swap out your target link based on how they answer the survey questions. Segmenting your list and funneling them to the right offer doesn't get much easier!

Presell Crusher was also designed to be as flexible as the web, and is the most responsive and mobile friendly survey lander on the market. It's built to be as fast as possible so that your ever growing mobile users won't bail out because the site doesn't work or isn't fast enough. Have you ever seen a landing page this fast?


Don't let the super light footprint fool you. Presell Crusher comes jam packed with features that your list will love:

  • Simple, Six Step Survey Creation
  • User Segmentation - Redirect or Replace Links Based on Answers
  • Send Users Direct to the Offer or Have Them Opt-In for Maximum Listbuilding
  • Analytics and Retargeting Ready - Just Drop in Your Pixel Code
  • Embed 8 Different Sources of Responsive Video
  • Exclusive "Two Click" Opt-In For Mobile - No Other Plugin Has It!
  • Mobile Friendly, Responsive and FAST Design
  • Compatible With Every Major Autoresponder
  • Geolocation Shortcodes
  • Export to HTML, Host Anywhere
  • Extensive Control Over Colors, Fonts and Style

And check this out... Presell Crusher is the ONLY plugin on the market that has two-click opt-ins for mobile users. Marketers will blast the conversions on their list building with this one feature. What is the Two Click Opt-In? Check the sales page, son!

Long story short, this is a plugin you'll actually want to promote to your list, mastermind or coaching group. Presell Crusher is built with us marketers in mind and packed with everything that converts and nothing that doesn't. So why not join our JV group today?

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  • q-iconAre There Any OTOs?

    Nope, this is a pretty clean relaunch of the plugin. Of course if you’d like to offer a bonus, we’d love to help promote it as an upsell/downsell. Just contact us!

  • q-iconDoes it Work With non-CPA Offers?

    You bet! Presell Crusher can be used to not only create surveys for CPA, but ClickBank and JVZoo products, presell for physical products, lead generation – basically anything that needs better conversions.

  • q-iconWill This Conflict With Other Plugins?

    We’re pretty sure it won’t. We’ve built Presell Crusher to be fully compliant with WordPress plugin best practices. It’s been tested with many themes and many other plugins and we haven’t had a problem yet.

  • q-iconCan I Use This on a non-WordPress Site?

    We built in functionality that lets you export your surveys to HTML. This means you can host the surveys on your site, but you can also load them to non-WordPress domains as well.

  • q-iconWhat Commission Do I Get?

    We start at 50% commission and go up from there. Check out out Commission Upgrade specs above. You can get up to 80% commissions!

  • q-iconWhat Processor Are You Using?

    We’re using JVZoo to handle sales and affiliate commissions.